This has been a long, long journey for me and it isn’t over yet.  In reality, my goal is still a long way off.  That being said, after all these years of struggling, the fog is beginning to lift.  What I mean is that what really works is becoming more and more clear to me.  There are so many components to successfully leading a healthy lifestyle that it can seem overwhelming to figure it out on your own.  I suspect that while some of the ingredients may vary from one person to the next, the key ingredients should work for everyone.

My recipe:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Nutritional Health
  3. Physical Health
  4. It Takes a Village

Those, for me, are the main ingredients.  If one of those is out of balance, it throws my entire journey off course.  I must have a clear mind.  I must be conscious of what I put in my mouth.  I must keep my body active.  I must admit that I cannot do this alone.  Not really.

Over the next several weeks, I will elaborate on each of those four ingredients and the special “spices” that make up each ingredient.  In the meantime, I want you to consider what’s holding you back.  Where is your health off-balance?