Yesterday afternoon the high school called me and asked if I could work today.  Sure!  I’d love to!  I’m so tired now, but I really wanted to get a blog in before I go to bed in… oh… 12 minutes.

Mamavation on MomTV was interesting last night.  Funny, too.  I was asked to explain what I will do if I don’t make the top 2 moms.  I will do what I am doing now.  I will work with myself, I will commit to making this my year.  I have 2 “Fit Friends” lined up  and I have asked them to remain my “Fit Friends” even if I don’t “need” them for the Mamavation Campaign.  My local FF came over today and we talked about my goals, what I like to do at the gym, and what I need to work on.  She is helping me out by putting a few workout schedules together for me, and hopefully later this week we will go to the gym together and she will show me how to use some of the machines that have been intimidating to me in the past.  I am going to continue to support the other moms that I am coming to know now.  This is, of course, as my schedule allows.  I am a substitute teacher’s aide for my son’s school system and often have no idea I am working until 6:30 that same day.  This is a little challenge that I am hoping my fit friends and mamavation friends can help me out with.  I ate great today, so I am proud of myself for that.

Now.. what will I do if I DO WIN a Mamavation Mom spot?  OH! I’m going to blow your socks off!  I’m going to blast away pounds and so is my hubby!  He said, “I hope you win.  I’ve been wanting a treadmill.”  We have agreed that he will only play video games while walking on the treadmill (this is many hours a week).  We have a friend who was successful in losing a lot of weight by doing this.  I want to see my husband slim down a bit.  I worry about him.  Winning wouldn’t just benefit me.

Either way, I am going to succeed.  I would just succeed a lot faster as a Mamavation Mom.  There are so many amazing moms applying, it’s going to be a tough choice for Chief Mom.  But I trust her to choose the right women, whoever they are.  Who am I to say who needs it most, or who would succeed at it best, or who needs to build some confidence first and apply again next time.

Family.  Dogs.  Work.  Cleaning.  Exercise.  Friends.  Social Networking.  And now I’m in the Sistahood!  I don’t know exactly how I am going to balance all of these aspects of my life, but I will do it.  I love being involved in so many things.  Time management will be key.

I’m a Sista!  I motivate, inspire, encourage, and support.  If I’ve inspired you or motivated you in some way, please leave me a comment and let me know how.  I want to keep doing that right!

I continue to ask for your support in my journey.  My support network is ever-growing and means the world to me.  It is because of all of you that I know I will succeed.

I leave you with this quote: Yoga yoga bo boga, banana nana fo foga, mi my mo moga, YOGA!  I love yoga.  Fifteen minutes or an hour.  It doesn’t matter.  Yoga makes me feel strong and relaxed.  Ready to face anything.

Who’s excited for Mondays?  Mamavation Moms are!!  Heck yeah!  Go Monday! I’m all sick and stuffy with a sinus infection, so I’m not doing a vlog today.  You don’t want to hear me like this, if you’d even be able to understand me in the first place.

My successes this week… I’ve never worked out so consistently before.  Of course, I also didn’t work at all last week.  I was successful in getting my blog going, submitting my Mamavation Application, and tweeting daily with my new friends.  I learned that I inspired a few friends.  That’s an amazing feeling.  Had a friend ask for some accountability.

I am hoping that with work starting up, I am still able to continue working out regularly.  This is a big fear, a big concern I have.  I run my household, the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, just about everything.  We were all on vacation last week.  I finally got up the courage to workout with my husband and son at home.  I did actually say, “go to another room. Don’t look at me.  I’m embarrassed.”  But at least that was a first step, and if I can continue to say that, hopefully I will keep up on workouts at home, when they are home.

This week’s FAIL:  Christmas cookies, chocolate presents, and sinus infection.  I admit there was one day that I was just too sore to workout.  My family knows me well and got me my favorite M&M’s for stocking stuffers, and I have been unable to resist.  I think I am going to put the rest of the cookies in the freezer.  Or garbage.  I don’t know.  I’m an overeater with a nasty sweet tooth.  I am a constant work in progress.  I am currently more committed to weight loss than I have ever been, and I feel confident that with lots of practice, hard work, and support I can overcome my poor eating habits.  I am putting the rest of the chocolate away in the freezer.

I won’t completely deprive myself.  Deprivation, for me, always leads to failure.  I just need to work on portion control.  I am working on it, but I need help!

Today, I just went for a 2 mile walk in the “feels like 13″ weather with snow and everything.  It was a little challenging for me, as I am getting over some sinus crud.  But I did it! I may have some yoga after I cool down a little.

Also, I want to be a Sista!  I hope I’m doing everything right.  I think we all know that I REALLY want to be a Mamavation Mom, selected for the campaign.  But if I don’t make it, that’s okay.  I’m sticking with this either way.  You girls are already helping me, and I want to give back.  I want to help you. I am pledging my support!!

As always, if you believe in me please tweet: Hey @bookieboo! I want @angelasue79 to be the next mamavation mom! She has my support!

Learn more about what I am doing at Mamavation and meet other moms on the same journey.

I am looking forward to some live chat tonight on MomTV at 10pm EST. Thanks and have a great Mamavation Monday!

WHAT?! How can I possibly be glad about gaining 2 pounds, you ask? Why because I am clever enough to not use only the scales as my measurement of success.

I gained 2 pounds.  I lost an ENTIRE inch off my waist and a half inch off my hips and gained no inches anywhere else.  Armed with this information, I feel comfortable stating that it is most likely that every pound I gained was in pure muscle.  Pure muscle!  How much fat did I have to lose for that many inches to be gone and 2 pounds of muscle to be gained?  I have no idea, but it must be a fairly good amount.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn even when doing nothing.  So yes, I’m actually happy that I gained 2 pounds and lost 1.5 inches off my middle.

This is an example of WHY just going by the scales is a huge, huge mistake.  You have got to find more than one way to measure your success.  If you don’t have a soft cloth tape measure, they are something like $2.00 at the department store.  Go get one.  It could save your attitude for the rest of the week.

For those of you who are just now beginning to workout, never done it before, it is important to remember that you don’t very likely have much muscle mass.  There is a fair chance that you will technically gain weight, pounds, before you lose it.  Take measurements of critical points (hips, waist, thighs) before you begin your new workout routine.  Keep a spreadsheet with the numbers and dates in it.  Mine consists of “start”, “last”, and “current”.  I don’t save every measurement date.  I have set up my spreadsheet to automatically tell me the total number of inches I have lost.  So far since March I have lost a total of 12 inches measuring from 5 points on my body.  I encourage you to keep track of your progress not only in pounds, but also in inches.

I love my Mamavation team.  Check out the hype at and  Join us on twitter with the hashtag #mamavation, follow me @angelasue79 and post the following tweet if you believe in me:   Hey @bookieboo! I want @angelasue79 to be the next#Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

I couldn’t be this far in my journey without the support of my friends.  Thank you all so much, and thank you to those of you who are just joining me.

It’s done! Finally!  After hours upon hours of brainstorming, writing, recording, deleting, recording, deleting and recording again, some more editing, and deleting, and rearranging.  My video application to be a Mamavation Mom is complete.

This has been a long journey for me which started in March 2009 on  I have faced stress, frustrating plateaus, lack of knowledge, and more stress.  You’d think after 9 months I would have lost more than 20 pounds.  There’s not a lot of accountability on SP, and I think that is something that has been seriously lacking in my journey.  Accountability is something that Mamavation will provide for me.

I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing my situation, what I do wrong, and what I do right.  I’m an overeater.  I love chocolate.  I am not very active.  Again, these are all things that I know Mamavation can help me with.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the way I speak.  I used to always talk about what I wished was different, what I wanted to do.  I read a book (Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto) that informed me this is all wrong.  With a great deal of effort I have changed the way I think and talk.  I want to lose weight. I am losing weight.  I should exercise more. I am exercising.  I wish I was only 140 pounds. I am reaching my goals.  I no longer speak in the future; it is all about the present.  Changing this way of thinking has completely changed my attitude.

We were watching one of the “Star Wars” movies today.  Luke Skywalker said to Yoda after he recovered his fighter from the swamp, “I don’t believe it.”  Yoda simply replied, “That is why you fail.”  That is so true.  You must believe that you can lose weight if you want to succeed.  Wishing, hoping, and wanting are simply not enough.  I believe I can.  I know I can.  I know I am.

Mamavation will simply help me achieve my goals much more quickly.  If I am selected as a Mamavation Mom, I know that during my 7 weeks, I will develop permanent habits that have been lacking from my routine.  And I know that I will continue to strive towards my final goal even after the 7 weeks have ended.

My hand, my story, will reach as far as the internet will allow so that I may help many other moms achieve the same success.  Not only will I share my blogs and videos, but I will provide support and motivation to everyone I can.  This is a difficult journey, and I hope to be able to help other Moms through their journeys as well with my struggles and success.

I’ve been working on my Mamavation application off an on all morning.  I’m so excited about this, even if I am not selected.  Maybe just preparing myself for the commitment will help my journey in general.  The questions to be answered on the application are: “Why do you want to be the next Mamavation Mom AND what will YOU do to inspire other moms online?”  Wow.  That might not sound like much to those who aren’t dedicated to losing weight and haven’t really thought about the reasons for doing it.  I don’t just want to look good.  There’s so much more to it for me.

Losing weight to look good is great and all, especially considering that I spend half my summer at the lake in the bathing suit for everyone to see.  Sure.  But I’m an aunt with two more babies on the way.  I plan to be involved in their lives and I want to be able to keep up.  Come summer I may be having another trip to Colorado to visit my brother and sister (in law).  I’m sure at some point Terry will take me back to the mountains for a hike.  Come summer, I’d love to be able to run and really play soccer with my son in the yard.  I have hopes and dreams far beyond looking better and wearing smaller clothes.

For the first time in my life, I’m finally completely committed to this journey.  I know success is just around the corner.

I’m Christian.  I celebrate Christmas.  I’m going to talk about that now.

Christmas this year was a tad on the stressful side for a reason I cannot discuss, however everything worked out in the end.  Thank God.  No really, thank you God.  Aside from that bit of stress, my Christmas was amazing.  Mostly.

Our Christmas really starts on Christmas Eve at my Mom’s house.  There is a soup she makes just once a year and the occasion is Christmas Eve.  It’s a chicken soup with veggies and dumplings in it.  Outstanding.  We had a really nice evening and then the father of a little girl I used to babysit stopped by to visit my Mom and Step-Dad.  It was a real treat to see him after too many years.  He really hasn’t changed a bit.  :)

Christmas morning I made cinnamon rolls, we (my husband, son and I) opened our cards and gifts.  There were some amazing gifts and some thoughtful ones.  We laughed and smiled and we were just so happy, celebrating the spirit of the holiday.  I am so grateful for what I have.  A nice home.  A very sweet, well-behaved child.  A wonderful, caring, concerned husband who is also thoughtful.  And my dog, of course.  Kona.  She’s great too.

After our little family festivity, my Dad comes over!  We saved a roll for him and exchanged yet more cards and gifts.  I had created a CD with photos from the past year for my father.  On a side note, he called me today with laughter on his voice and thanked me for that CD.  He’d been going through the photos and enjoying some good laughs.  My son whooping my brother on MarioKart in April (and taunting and trash talking his uncle no less!), my son laying on a turtle statue at the zoo, my dog in a Santa hat.  He was really enjoying that gift and that meant the world to me.  Also my brother and his wonderful wife (whom I will call my “sister”) gave us a call while Dad was here.  We all got to chat with one another and that was great.

After we left home, we headed back over to my Mom’s.  Aside from Chad having an awful headache, we were all having a great time there.  Dinner was great.  Everyone was very happy.  Cards were sweet.  Prayer was good.  Again, so much for which to be grateful.  Really.

My arch nemesis haunted me, though.  Food.  Oh wonderful, scrumptious, delicious, mouth watering, flavorful food.  Oh it was so good.  It still is.  We have too much here.  Ah well.  It’s always been a big part of my holidays, I cannot tell a lie.  Food is not THE part of the holidays, but definitely a contributing factor.  But you know what?  I’m not really worried about it.  Since March of 2009 I have lost 20 pounds.  Maybe it’s only 18 or 17 now, ha!  But I am not worried.  I know that whatever I may have gained over Christmas, I can lose again this week and next.  But it’s the next 10 pounds I am worried about..  I should be hitting a plateau soon.  I like to think that it won’t happen to me, but I am not so naive.  We’ll see what happens.

Here’s hoping that your holidays, whatever you celebrate, were full of happiness, togetherness, and joy.  Here’s hoping that you controlled what you put in your mouth better than I did.  ;)