This just happened to me.

You know how it goes… I’m politely minding my own business with the laptop on the sofa.. clicking “like” on Facebook and seeing what my friends are up to. Then I realize it’s time for lunch and I set the laptop aside when suddenly the paralyzing fear hit me. There’s a spider!!! And no one is home to help!!!! The size of the one on the floor directly in front of me is exceeding the size of my comfort level range. Yes, my feet are on the sofa. Makes me think of that picture of the Great Dane standing on the kitchen counters… “I saw a spider!! Is it gone yet???” It’s not moving….. I’m not moving… erg.. so creepy!

I don’t have anything to kill it with. And it’s blocking my path to get anywhere else in the house. I’m trapped on the sofa. What on earth is it doing? It’s just sitting there… like it’s plotting how to attack me or something. HEEBIEJEEBIES

This one isn’t that big, but my “comfort level size range” is pretty small. It doesn’t take much for a spider to be big enough to scare me. Yes, I realize this is one of my irrational fears, but it’s my fear and just about everyone has one, so I don’t want to hear any teasing from anyone.

I need to kill it! But with what? I did mention that I’m trapped on the sofa, right?? This is serious!!! I have a plastic plate I can toss at it, but if it runs and I can’t see where it goes, then I’m really going to freak out.

Take a deep breath… you can do this… BLEH!!! I MISSED!!! It only ran a little then stopped. Now Kona is after it! OMG she’s my hero!! She disabled it enough that now I can deal with it. I drop the translucent plate on it again. I can see the spider through the plate trying to scramble and find its way out, so I punch the top of the plate. But not too hard. I don’t want spider guts on my freshly shampooed carpet.

It’s dead. It’s furry. Spiders in Indiana should NOT be furry. BLEH bleh bleh bleh bleh!!!!!

And now I’m stuck thinking…. for the one spider I could actually SEE in my house… many more are there that I cannot see???????

When Kona went after the spider, I told her what a good girl she was .. it sounded like this: Get it! GET IT!! GETITGETITGETIT!!! Yeah!!! Good girl!!!!!

Oh but let’s be honest for a moment. It wasn’t originally the spider that Kona was after.. no… it was the plate on the floor and the potential that there may still be crumbs of food on it. But once she saw the spider move, then her prey drive kicked in. Thank God. Best. Dog. Ever.

How big was the spider? I told you it’s an irrational fear. It was huge.. like.. the size of a dime or something. Maybe. If he spread his legs out all the way and was flat to the floor. Huge.

This has been adapted from the actual account of the events as chronicled on Facebook. I was terrified. You can laugh at me, just don’t tease me. Everyone has their phobias!

Life is getting hectic! Oh wait, it’s been hectic. In case you didn’t know, I have a part-time job that pays money but my full-time job is stay-at-home Mom. Of course, now that my son is in 6th grade, staying at home is something I don’t get to do a whole lot.

My schedule at work is Monday and Wednesday with some Fridays (depending on the workload). My employer and I are flexible with each other like that. It’s pretty cool. Works for both of us. Monday and Wednesday, Li’l C has his First Lego League meetings after school. Tuesday and Thursday I usually do the grocery shopping and cleaning, and social visits with my friends. In the evenings Li’l C has his Tae Kwon Do classes. It’s almost getting difficult to remember what day I have to pick him up from school at what time and what’s going on after school. These are reasons I am thrilled to only have a part-time job.

Now how do I keep it all straight? It’s getting easier. Here are some ideas I want to share that have worked for me.

We have a week-over-week calendar on the fridge. It is a magnetic calendar where each week is a separate magnet. Pretty cool. You can get them from Amazon if you like. We have the trash and recycling pick-up schedule on the fridge calendar. Fun things like concerts, holidays, and family gatherings also go on there. This is more for our son to use than anything else.

I also have an Android phone and use my Google Calendar extensively. I even managed to convince my boss to switch over to using a Google Calendar so I can keep track of the work schedule of events, fun things, pack walks, appointments, etc easily. And this is not a joke, I put everything in my calendar. Lunch dates. Visits with family. Every. Single. Appointment. My husband and I share our calendars with each other so we know what is going on from day-to-day. It may seem silly but he has regular outings with his friends and so do I.

Another major problem I that I face is forgetfulness. No kidding? If I didn’t, I wouldn’t need all these tools to help me keep my life straight. But you know you visit mom and she sends food home with you in a container. You gotta get that container back to her. A friend asks if they can borrow something, or you trade kids clothes. You show up.. “crap.. I forgot to bring you that book I borrowed.” I could just add it to the “appointment” on my Google Calendar but I usually just glance at the widget on my home screen and it doesn’t show those kinds of details. So all the back to school supplies have gone on clearance and it hit me. I picked up a dry erase board that I attached to the door from the laundry room to the garage. In big, bold letters I wrote “Don’t Forget” at the top. Now when I’m running around the house and I see something I need to take somewhere, I go put it on the dry erase board. It’s at eye level on my way to the car. There’s no way I can miss it! I feel so clever. I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, but I feel good about it. It’s only been about a week and a half, but I haven’t forgotten anything!

Do you have some organizational tips that you would like to share? I’d love to hear them!

Saturday was HORRIBLE. H O R R I B L E. Why? I don’t know. It just was. I mean a few things didn’t quite go according to plan, but they weren’t things that should ruin my whole day. My son had a promotion test for Tae Kwon Do and I had to work. It would be the first time he had to do sparring (person to person fighting) for his test. I asked my husband to take video with his phone so I could see it later and his phone video crashed. Go figure. That didn’t ruin my day. After that I came home and had some lunch, then headed out to the park for a social dog walk, or Pack Walk, as we call it. That was nice. Exercise is good, right? Wrong. I just wanted to come home and crash. Hubs went out with some dudes to drink some beer. The kid was out playing. I was … blah. I didn’t want to clean. I didn’t want to cook. That’s lame, I love cooking. I did NOT want to stand in the kitchen and chop food and make food and cook food. Just BLAH. BLAH. I felt Blah. Have you ever been depressed? You know how it makes you feel physically? I felt that way. My brain was not depressed, Emotions not depressed, but my body felt depressed. I hope that makes sense, because it was weird. I did not enjoy it. The kid and I ended up going out to eat. It wasn’t healthy. But it was delicious. And it made me feel better.

That was Saturday. This is now. I don’t feel like that now. I feel fine and normal. My blood was drawn yesterday for my T4 thyroid test. Now I’m waiting to hear back on that to find out if it is my thyroid causing me to feel blah. I guess in a way I kind of hope that it is off so that the doctor can fix it and make me feel better. I don’t want to be blah and I really have no reason to feel that way. So. Make it go away. Now for the waiting game. I can’t wait to find out what my blood says.

This week’s plan was to get back on track with a workout schedule. Then I woke up Monday morning not feeling well. It lasted all day. It continued on Tuesday. It lingers yet today. I sucked it up and went to the doctor only for them to tell me that they have no answers as to what is ailing me.

I guess the “good” news is that I lost 4 pounds, but this really was NOT how I wanted to do it! Well I felt the need to vent a little and I’ve been wanting to blog more regularly. Here it is!

As soon as I’m feeling better, there’s no waiting for “next week” to get back on track. It’s going to happen now. Things are coming together in my life, so really this is the best time to get myself on a good workout schedule and work on my eating habits. Whatever it is that I’m sick with has me drinking a lot of water, so at least I can be working on that habit again!

I’m going to work on that planning and scheduling thing more. I know how important it is, and I’m going to be in a wedding here in a few moths. Since the dress is already in my possession, I actually can’t lose too much weight. Yes, they can alter it to a degree, but overly altered dresses aren’t proportionate. I still want it to look good. This means that I can really take my time and focus on making better habits rather than specifically losing weight. The goal, really, is to be more healthy anyway. I want these changes not just right now, but for the rest of my life.

It is important to stay focused on the real goal: a healthy lifestyle.

Reprieve. We no longer have to deal with this.

I didn’t get a chance to do a post last week, but I am making time for it today for sure.


I am definitely getting back on track with the exercise. I may not be doing something every day, but pretty close. I got back into the strength training last week and that felt really fantastic. I’d say water is a semi-success. I am doing better again but not quite getting what I should every single day.


Well the water is that semi-struggle. Getting exercise on the weekends is definitely a struggle. Eating is still so-so. I’m making general improvements but I definitely need to do better. Our budget has been a problem with eating right.

I think I lost a pound or two, but I will go to the gym tomorrow and weigh in to know for sure. This is loss after gaining 5 pounds overall, so it’s hard to really call it a loss, but at least I am heading back in the right direction.

I’ve had some stress and drama. As of yesterday I can confidently say that some of the stress and drama has been eliminated from my life. It wasn’t an easy decision but it will be healthier for my entire family.

Congrats to Janice, Sista of the Week. She’s definitely very deserving! Way to go!! Thanks for all your support!

Good gravy. Where does the time go? The allergy yuck turned into some other form of yuck that I had last week. This crap is no fun. Then throw some serious carpal tunnel pain on top of it and had doctor’s appointments and back to school. I’m sorry I didn’t post last week!

So right now I FEEL GOOD. And fat. I think my birthday celebrations caught up with me late. What’s my plan?

  • Monday – Evening bike ride (it’s actually cool enough)
  • Tuesday – Gym
  • Wednesday – Evening walk or bike ride
  • Thursday – Gym
  • Friday – not sure yet.

And eating better. I need to eat better, drink more water and move, move, move.  I worked today since my son is back in school and we changed my work schedule. It wasn’t really changed to accommodate me going to the gym or anything like that, but it will be nice to have a more set schedule. I am so relieved that my son has gone back to school and I can put a little more focus back on my health. Hopefully the weather continues to cooperate so that I can be outside more. The corn is done pollinating so I can breathe again!! Praise the Lord! Why is it pollen but pollinating or pollinate? English is weird.

Back on track here… I don’t know what my weight is right now. I don’t know what my measurements are. I know they are not going the direction I want them to be going, but it is all on me. I am accountable and I must take the bull by the horns and FIX IT NOW. It is being fixed. I must get off the computer and go move, so this is the end of my Mamavation Post. Plus my hands hurt. Stupid carpal tunnel.


Hey kids, thanks for coming back for another week.  I’m not going to talk about me much this week. My head is full of snot, I don’t feel awesome right now, and I’m not that worried about it.

I’d rather talk about other things that I love about Mamavation.  One of those things is the Sistahood.


These women are pretty much the only reason I joined twitter in the first place. I’m @angelasue79 in case you want to get in on the action. The Sistas are real women, moms, just like me who are trying to get themselves healthy in order to support their families. Sistas aren’t perfect. I’m sure as heck not. Sometimes I’m amazed that they still let me be a Sista, I’m so incredibly imperfect. But we always have each other’s backs. We encourage each other, lift each other up, offer advice and help when needed. We also cheer each other on when we’re on the right track.

I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of mention this week of @bodhi_bear as we talk about inspirational Sistas who have lifted us up and helped us in our times of need. But the thing that makes Kia a little extra special for me is that she really is my sister. Okay, technically she’s my sister-in-law but she’s also my weight loss rock. She got me started down this path, she introduced me to Mamavation, she taught me yoga, has helped me with my diet, been supportive, and never made me feel bad. I can’t tell you just one story about how she’s helped me. She even made my banner for my blog here. Kia has almost literally been everything for me throughout my weight loss journey. She’s the one Sista that rocks my socks off.

No stories to share, but other Sistas who have really stood out in the crowd for me: @trulytrayce, @tina529, @DaenelT, and @notdiyheather.  This is a list of Super Supportive ladies who have really gone above and beyond on more that one occasion. XOXO

Congratulations to @RachelSteffen for making Sista of the Week! Go girl!

Last but not least, this week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by @Gruvesolution!! HOORAY!!! I’ve been wanting a Gruve oh so super bad since I first heard about them. I have this problem with the computer and would love to have a little reminder clipped to me telling me it’s time to get up off my butt! It’d really make my day.

I think I have another date with the neti pot to knock out my snot monster. I’ll try and stay awake for the show tonight. Hearing some stories of awesome Sistas should be very inspiring and uplifting.

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted.  Shame will do that to a girl. In all honesty, I’ve been hiding.

Well today I’m here to tell you that I think I’m back on track. I’m not talking about a plan, or what I need to start doing. I just did it. I had some help from a local friend. I’ve worked out 4 times in the last week and I’m watching my food. I am tracking on SparkPeople again and using my lovely droid app to help me. It’s really easy to use and I always have my phone with me. #NoExcuses

We’re going to be on a tight budget over the next few weeks so it won’t be as easy for me to eat what I want and need to be eating. Portion control is going to be key. I hope to hit up a good friend for some deliciousness from her garden on Wednesday to help with what I need. They usually have a lot more than they can eat on their own.

I still find that I’m trying to do too much. I have a big social network on facebook, mamavation, sparkpeople and I want to do it all but it’s tough. I am going to continue to work to find balance between the three without spending my entire day on the computer. That most certainly doesn’t help my weight loss at all. Also the fall will be calmer for me as far as my schedule. Depending on my progress on my own, I may apply for the next campaign with Mamavation. The two things I want most are the treadmill and help from Dr. Renna with my eating. Follow that up with making more time for exercise as a requirement will turn into a habit. I just knew the summer would be a bad time for me.

So I did step on the scales at the gym this morning and I’m at 180.6 which in the overall scope of things isn’t too bad. I’m not at all frustrated with that number mostly because I accept responsibility for the fact that it hasn’t gone down. On the flip side, I also accept responsibility for the fact that it hasn’t gone UP all that much. And now that I’m back on track I know it will go back down. Down. Down. Way down.

Congrats to @lovelyritaann for being sista of the week!

Also, I have been trying to keep up (even though I haven’t commented) and Jess and Jenny are totally rocking this campaign! I’m so proud of you girls.


Hey ladies!  I’m so very happy to report that I’m feeling better.  It’s a bummer, but I’m not 100% just yet though.  At least I felt good enough to clean today.  Earlier I was thinking of hitting the Y and getting some good exercise in.  Now that I’ve done a ton of dishes, laundry, and mopped the kitchen floor I’m not so keen on worrying about going to the Y.  I don’t want to push myself now that I’m finally on the mend.  I was sick for about 8 days which is a decent amount of time.

There’s not a lot of health stuff for me to talk about over the last week.  I did not exercise at all with an upper respiratory infection.  I did drink a lot of tea (water tastes gross to me when I’m sick).  Some days I hardly ate anything at all.  Other days I ate what was convenient because there was NO way I was cooking!  My biggest moment of pride was the boating weekend.  I went to the store, bought a cucumber, bag of carrots, a bunch of sugar snap peas, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwis, and bananas.  I literally only ate a handful of Doritos the whole weekend and otherwise ate pretty darn good.  I made homemade pulled chicken to put in foil packets and reheat on the grill.  We had whole grain bread and sandwich thins, deli turkey, almonds, and lots of tea (no alcohol) for me.  I feel really good about the way I ate on the boat this weekend.

So this week I am going to try to keep up on the freggies, keep up on my water, and get back to exercising on top of stay well rested and finish my antibiotics.  If I’m up for it, I may take my gorgeous Trek bike out for a spin this evening.

Wednesday night we are heading up to Lansing, MI to see U2 play at MSU and I’m super excited.  The weather should be wonderful.  The music and the show will be amazing.  I’ve wanted to see U2 since I was in 8th grade I think.  This was a Christmas present from my hubby.

I wish all of you ladies an amazing week! ♥