Hi. I’m Angela.  From Indiana.  I am a mom and a wife before anything else.  I have one wonderful son named Collin who was born in 2000.  Married my best friend, Chad in 2007.

I have a gorgeous Weimaraner, Kona who is not just a wonderful companion to me, but also an awesome family pet.  She is the coolest dog I have ever met.  Ever.  I know cooler dogs exist, but I have never met them. ;) And we also have two super awesome Vizsla dogs! They have added a lot of laughter to our family. What goofy boys.

Other than wife and mom, my other job title is “Office Manager” for a dog training company.

You can follow me here on my weight loss journey.  I’m sure I’ll throw in some fun stuff along the way that is completely unrelated to my weight loss.  However, the weight loss is my main focus right now.

BACKGROUND: I was around 140 pounds before I became pregnant in 1999.  That was a size 12, and it was okay.  I gained 54 pounds while pregnant, gave birth to a NINE pound child.  Lost a little weight (lowest at 164 in 2003).  Found stress. Gained weight. Maintained for a while.  Hurt my ankle badly, gained a lot more weight.  Ended up at a whopping 206 pounds in March 2009.  At this time, I joined sparkpeople.com and managed to lose 20 pounds! After a few ups and downs, I reached a fabulous 176 … and then blew a disc in my back. I feel like I’m starting all over again, but if I did it once I can do it again.

I enjoy Roller Blading with my Weimaraner, yoga, step aerobics, elliptical training, and am getting into weight training.  I walk with my dogs, and  workout with my neighbors.

MY GOALS: I can’t say for sure.  I have big bones (no really, I do).  I have no idea what my potential is.  My initial goal is to get back to a size 12.  I am not sure what “weight” that will be as I plan to be more toned, stronger.  I will reward myself hugely when I reach this goal.  But, reaching this goal doesn’t mean that I am going to stop.  I won’t quit until my body tells me I’m as fit as I’ll go.  Maybe it’s a size 8.  I don’t know.  I have no plans to be 115 pounds or anything like that; I think I would look sick.  At that weight, people would likely be offering me sandwiches and groceries.  HA!  I do not have disillusions.  I know where I want to go.  I know I will get there.