I’ve got that song from “Finding Nemo” stuck in my head. Remember Dory singing, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” and so on. It’s like that except I’m trying to remind myself to keep moving.

Now that I’m over the initial week of EA Sports Active 2, the crazy soreness has subsided and I’m actually able to move the day after my workout. So M, W, F, SA are EA Sports days while TU, TH are YMCA cardio days. I plan to possibly “rest” on Sundays.

After my first week and a half…well…I gained 2 pounds. That’s pretty frustrating. There’s a really good chance that it’s just all muscle gain as I have been noticing more solidity to my body (less squish, more solid means less fat, more muscle). I’m not sure how much “fat” I’ve lost, but I’m pretty sure it’s been replaced two fold with muscle. My muscles tend to rebound fairly quickly after a period of inactivity.

I’ve been afraid to take my measurements. I used to do that every couple of weeks, however when I started gaining weight again I stopped. Now I’m afraid to see how many inches have returned. On the other hand, if I don’t suck it up and do it, I will have a more difficult time tracking my real progress. Argh! I need to get over it.

My next challenge is always the worst for me. Calorie counting. I hate doing it. I hate how time consuming it is. I hate how it makes me feel even more consumed with food. What would be ideal is a chef in my kitchen making me food to eat. “Here, eat this and it’s all you get.” No time, effort, or thought on my part. It doesn’t help that I’m a moderately picky eater with even more picky eaters in my house. While I love myself and my family, I’m not preparing two different dinners for us every day. Our budget is another problem.

Eating healthier is more expensive and January and February are rough months for us since our health insurance company decided that we need to meet deductibles on our prescriptions now! OUCH! All three of us have necessary monthly prescriptions and they are quite expensive. I know if I devote a little a time to it, I can come up with something though. Mostly I’m just whining. Sometimes it feels good to whine and get things off my mind.

I can do this. I am doing this. I am succeeding. I’ve done it before and I am doing it again NOW. Well really it started a week ago. :)

What are your favorite family pleasing healthy meals?

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  1. I hate to go to the study but last year a professor from Kansas lost weight on the Twinkie diet much to the chagrin of healthy food eaters everywhere. His point was that it was not quality of food but quantity of calories that played the biggest role in weight loss. Now I am not saying eat Twinkies. However take out the things you know are total no-no items in your home and perhaps keep serving what you are doing (or revamp a little) and just make sure you are not overeating. Good luck.

    You know my cheapest way to eat healthy is get rid of the meat or so much of it, cook simple and from scratch with whole grains, buy veggies in season, work those spices, etc. You will find a nice path for your family.