What’s happening out there with you today?  I was so tired when I did my post last night, I hardly remember what I wrote!

I was originally supposed to work today, however that was changed at the last minute when I was working yesterday.  The joys of subbing!  I actually really like subbing; the flexibility is awesome.  So instead of working, I worked out!  I went over to the neighbor’s house and we did the “Start it Up” portion of the Slim in 6 series from Beachbody.  It’s a 24 minute aerobic workout with push-ups and sit-ups too.  Then we decided to also the the “Slim & Limber” portion which is a lot of yoga type stretching.  I’m feeling pretty good.

Food journal.  I need to keep one.  Does anyone know a good android app for that?  Yesterday I did great.  Breakfast: whole grain english muffin, half slice cheese, poached egg, banana, glass oj, coffee.  Lunch: 160 calorie can of soup w/ lots of veggies, yogurt, Clementine.  Dinner: orzo, chicken, garlic, tomatoes and spices.  I also drank my full 8 glasses of water.  I’m VERY pleased with this day, except that I was missing a healthy afternoon snack.  I need to get some at the store.  I am open to ideas.  I’ll post what I eat today in tomorrow’s post.  I think that will work good for me.  Admitting out loud what I eat will help keep me in check.  I threw the stoopid cookies in the garbage today.  Don’t tell my son.

My confidence (not arrogance) is going through the roof.  I am working out more consistently than I ever have before.  Food is always a work in progress.  And my goals are in sight.  My goals have never been in sight before.

I owe a lot to my sister  for getting me started on this amazing journey.  You can read all about her here: Bodhi Bear.  She’s an amazing woman, and I’m SO glad that my brother married her.  She’s technically my sister-in-law but I don’t feel right calling her that.  We have an amazing relationship and a very strong bond.  She’s my sister.

My Mamavation thing is going good, I think.  I’ve been made a Sista.  I know that I mentioned that last night, but it is a big deal to me.  It has been recognized that I am changing my bad habits into good ones, and trying to help other moms too, while also asking for help for myself.  We are all in this together.  What I learn from my Fit Friends, I am going to share with my neighbor.  She’s my workout partner most of the time and she’s fighting with me.  I’ll share with anyone else who wants my help, too.

Watch out summer!! I’m going to be a new woman by the time you arrive.  My lake friends are going to be amazed and ask me how I did it.  They will notice, without a doubt, that I am healthier and hawtter.  Yeah.  I said hawt..ter.  I’m actually looking forward to shopping for a swimsuit this summer.

Never give up.  Talk about losing weight in the present, not the future.  Talk about the changes you’re making, not the ones you want to make.

Come support me on twitter @angelasue79 join the mamavation team.  It’s not just for people trying to lose weight, but we always need the help of those who have already succeeded as well!  If you believe in me, be sure to tweet: Hey @bookieboo I want @angelasue79 as the next #mamavation mom! I support her!


  1. Kit
    4:36 pm on January 6th, 2010

    I don’t have an android, but when I track my food, I use fitday.com. It’s free (yay!). It’s got a huge database of food and options to add your own custom foods. It also has a place to record notes (they called it a journal), activities (approx. calories burned), weight, weight goal, body measurements and mood (stress, clarity, energy, etc.).

    The downside is that it, of course, isn’t terribly accessible from your phone. But, it’s definitely worth a look, just for grins and giggles.

  2. thanks for the comments on my blog, good luck with your year and look forward to getting to know you

  3. Stacie Janes
    6:11 pm on January 6th, 2010

    Angela you have inspired me on my own path to better health. You are always going to the gym or doing yoga. You make things from scratch. You are not ashamed to share your own story. Your blog and posts on facebook motivate me to do better also. You know how to push just the right amount to get me to go for it. I am proud to say that I am drinking more water and less soda. I am working out. I haven’t worked out in years. I am doing it for me and my kids but it is because of you and your encouragement that I am doing it. Thank you so much for that. You better keep it up so I continue!

  4. Great job Ang. It is hard work but you are making it seem effortless. And I want to wish good luck to you Stacie, Ang is a great motivator.

  5. Angela
    8:16 pm on January 6th, 2010

    Stacie, thank you so much for sharing that with me. It is so good to know that I’ve helped you get started on your journey!
    Kit, Kia, Lorrie, thank you. :)

  6. Great job on doing what is needed to get that weight off. I too was just made a Sista and I love all the ladies. I am always in need of support. Keep up the great work.

  7. awesome job…..
    i too am not good with writing a food journal, i start off with good intentions. But like you said, this time i have a “goal” (40lbs by my 40th)
    way more motivating having a goal all my “sistas” with me!!