Yesterday afternoon the high school called me and asked if I could work today.  Sure!  I’d love to!  I’m so tired now, but I really wanted to get a blog in before I go to bed in… oh… 12 minutes.

Mamavation on MomTV was interesting last night.  Funny, too.  I was asked to explain what I will do if I don’t make the top 2 moms.  I will do what I am doing now.  I will work with myself, I will commit to making this my year.  I have 2 “Fit Friends” lined up  and I have asked them to remain my “Fit Friends” even if I don’t “need” them for the Mamavation Campaign.  My local FF came over today and we talked about my goals, what I like to do at the gym, and what I need to work on.  She is helping me out by putting a few workout schedules together for me, and hopefully later this week we will go to the gym together and she will show me how to use some of the machines that have been intimidating to me in the past.  I am going to continue to support the other moms that I am coming to know now.  This is, of course, as my schedule allows.  I am a substitute teacher’s aide for my son’s school system and often have no idea I am working until 6:30 that same day.  This is a little challenge that I am hoping my fit friends and mamavation friends can help me out with.  I ate great today, so I am proud of myself for that.

Now.. what will I do if I DO WIN a Mamavation Mom spot?  OH! I’m going to blow your socks off!  I’m going to blast away pounds and so is my hubby!  He said, “I hope you win.  I’ve been wanting a treadmill.”  We have agreed that he will only play video games while walking on the treadmill (this is many hours a week).  We have a friend who was successful in losing a lot of weight by doing this.  I want to see my husband slim down a bit.  I worry about him.  Winning wouldn’t just benefit me.

Either way, I am going to succeed.  I would just succeed a lot faster as a Mamavation Mom.  There are so many amazing moms applying, it’s going to be a tough choice for Chief Mom.  But I trust her to choose the right women, whoever they are.  Who am I to say who needs it most, or who would succeed at it best, or who needs to build some confidence first and apply again next time.

Family.  Dogs.  Work.  Cleaning.  Exercise.  Friends.  Social Networking.  And now I’m in the Sistahood!  I don’t know exactly how I am going to balance all of these aspects of my life, but I will do it.  I love being involved in so many things.  Time management will be key.

I’m a Sista!  I motivate, inspire, encourage, and support.  If I’ve inspired you or motivated you in some way, please leave me a comment and let me know how.  I want to keep doing that right!

I continue to ask for your support in my journey.  My support network is ever-growing and means the world to me.  It is because of all of you that I know I will succeed.

I leave you with this quote: Yoga yoga bo boga, banana nana fo foga, mi my mo moga, YOGA!  I love yoga.  Fifteen minutes or an hour.  It doesn’t matter.  Yoga makes me feel strong and relaxed.  Ready to face anything.

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  1. Welcome to the Sistahood! There are several gals this week tikalng about their WW journey, so you can find support there. Also there is a great big group of fabulous gals waiting to cheer you on and support you.Glad to have your here. Can’t wait to get to know you better.