Those of you who just started following my blog don’t know a lot about me.  For you to fully comprehend this post, I must give you some background information.  First, I am a mom.  Second, I am actually on my 2nd marriage.  My son is from my first marriage.  First husband is a severe alcoholic.

On January 14th, one of my journeys is coming to a close.  Almost a year ago we began a process to eliminate the “step” from this household.  My husband and I began the paperwork for him to adopt my son.  The Final Hearing is slated for January 14th and we couldn’t be more excited!  Even my son is thrilled.  In fact, he’s the one who asked for the adoption without knowing what it’s called.  He refers to my husband as “Dad”, while he refers to my ex by his first name, if that tells you anything about the situation.

My husband truly is a wonderful father.  He is an amazing man with a huge heart.  He has dramatically changed my life in ways that he cannot imagine.  He is, quite literally, making my dreams come true.  I can confidently say that he is also making OUR son’s dreams come true as well.

This ordeal, and my ex, have been a huge source of stress in my life over the last year.  I am very excited for this chapter to come to a close while another one begins.  This new chapter is going to be an amazing one.  I just know it.  Am I ready for 2010?  YES!!!!

It will be a beautiful and happy new year in this household.

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  1. Yay! I’m so happy for your family!