I’m Christian.  I celebrate Christmas.  I’m going to talk about that now.

Christmas this year was a tad on the stressful side for a reason I cannot discuss, however everything worked out in the end.  Thank God.  No really, thank you God.  Aside from that bit of stress, my Christmas was amazing.  Mostly.

Our Christmas really starts on Christmas Eve at my Mom’s house.  There is a soup she makes just once a year and the occasion is Christmas Eve.  It’s a chicken soup with veggies and dumplings in it.  Outstanding.  We had a really nice evening and then the father of a little girl I used to babysit stopped by to visit my Mom and Step-Dad.  It was a real treat to see him after too many years.  He really hasn’t changed a bit.  :)

Christmas morning I made cinnamon rolls, we (my husband, son and I) opened our cards and gifts.  There were some amazing gifts and some thoughtful ones.  We laughed and smiled and we were just so happy, celebrating the spirit of the holiday.  I am so grateful for what I have.  A nice home.  A very sweet, well-behaved child.  A wonderful, caring, concerned husband who is also thoughtful.  And my dog, of course.  Kona.  She’s great too.

After our little family festivity, my Dad comes over!  We saved a roll for him and exchanged yet more cards and gifts.  I had created a CD with photos from the past year for my father.  On a side note, he called me today with laughter on his voice and thanked me for that CD.  He’d been going through the photos and enjoying some good laughs.  My son whooping my brother on MarioKart in April (and taunting and trash talking his uncle no less!), my son laying on a turtle statue at the zoo, my dog in a Santa hat.  He was really enjoying that gift and that meant the world to me.  Also my brother and his wonderful wife (whom I will call my “sister”) gave us a call while Dad was here.  We all got to chat with one another and that was great.

After we left home, we headed back over to my Mom’s.  Aside from Chad having an awful headache, we were all having a great time there.  Dinner was great.  Everyone was very happy.  Cards were sweet.  Prayer was good.  Again, so much for which to be grateful.  Really.

My arch nemesis haunted me, though.  Food.  Oh wonderful, scrumptious, delicious, mouth watering, flavorful food.  Oh it was so good.  It still is.  We have too much here.  Ah well.  It’s always been a big part of my holidays, I cannot tell a lie.  Food is not THE part of the holidays, but definitely a contributing factor.  But you know what?  I’m not really worried about it.  Since March of 2009 I have lost 20 pounds.  Maybe it’s only 18 or 17 now, ha!  But I am not worried.  I know that whatever I may have gained over Christmas, I can lose again this week and next.  But it’s the next 10 pounds I am worried about..  I should be hitting a plateau soon.  I like to think that it won’t happen to me, but I am not so naive.  We’ll see what happens.

Here’s hoping that your holidays, whatever you celebrate, were full of happiness, togetherness, and joy.  Here’s hoping that you controlled what you put in your mouth better than I did.  ;)

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